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BluChip Group of companies is an organisation committed to its customer's, employees, owners, and community. We are results oriented and customer focused company, committed to satisfying our customer's and community by providing a conducive business environment through our teamwork, culture and open communication.
We believe in a win-win partnership that enhances the quality of our services and products while building the trusting relationship with our customers that will build customer confidence and loyalty. BluChip Group has only been in existence from 2012 but with our dedicated employees and best customer services and our role in each industry we are part, BluChip was honored by Ghana Shippers Awards 2017 for our great contributions.

Reliable Freight forwarding & quality control

We only allow the most trustworthy logistics service providers to work with our platform. Moreover, BluChip takes full responsibility for all our shipping done international. If a contractor operating on our behalf does not match our standard, we put our customer first and settle disputes in your favour.Ship with the best , Ship with BlueChip

The biggest portfolio of transportation services

We offer a one stop for organising and managing logistics.You can instantly  arrange ocean freight, air transport and inland delivery by truck or rail.Get your comprehensive door-to-door and port-to-port delivery,customs clearance and other shipping services

Competitive Shipping Rates

We work  with carriers everywhere in the world and will find you the most suitable shipping solution at the lowest price.We quickly process your request, showing  you the best options for your freight. Arrange your transport and don’t pay more than you have to with Us