TCS was founded by two (2) entrepreneurs to provide healthy cleaning in all business sectors. Our focus is mostly on deep health cleaning for time-starved industries. TCS is the first cleaning business to focus on cleaning for health. TCS has researched environmentally and prefers cleaning products that are friendly with the environment based on commercial cleaning practices, to ensure cleaner, healthier environment in our homes,hospitals,clinics and offices. TCS uses new technology and advancements in efficiency that are friendly to our environment. Our innovation includes an ergonomically tested cleaning process, safe products and a web-based training and communications platform that allow staff to share best practices and deliver quality cleaning to our clients.

You trust professional cleaners – You can trust TCS

First impression matters when people enter your premises,offices, warehouses or homes. You want them to leave with a lasting positive impression. At TCS our services do the talking. We can help you create an environment that makes everyone feel welcome, refreshed and impressed and never want to leave.